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We inspire and help companies and entrepreneurs to manage with different business situations


We are sure that efficiency and competitiveness in the modern world depend on the ability to innovate. Constantly changing environment requires constant innovation changes in management.


For many years the Institute of research keeps under the school. School lecturers regularly control the changes in the business sphere in order to stay always abreast of new trends.


We guarantee the quality of our programs, offering production solutions to our clients. Trainings, conferences, lectures, probations and lots of other projects is all what zuw has created for you.

other services


We provide special trainings with professional coaches. Within the courses you can choose 20 trainings you want to attend. From ‘Product development’ to ‘The winner of the future’.


from time to time we organize master-classes by famous successful personalities. Financially independent people teach you to deal with capital competently and earn without making painstaking efforts.

Business periodicals

are a result of our coach’s work. In our publications you can find basic information on all special courses that will help you organize your business correctly.

Video lectures

were created for those, who doesn’t have an opportunity to visit our school regularly.They help people to improve their skills, to learn how making a good career and get to know how to do business successfully.

Audio lectures

is an incredibly convenient way to learn anytime and anywhere. Listen to the lectures of our specialists and always stay with us.

Research institute

helps you always to stay up to date with the latest trends and, thus, save your money. Professional researchers will save you from strategic mistakes that can destroy your business.


from our experts will help you to solve any problem that you have. They will show you how to move in the right direction to achieve the tasks and goals.


that we organize, give you an opportunity to meet a lot of soul-mates and to exchange your experience with them. It’s much easier to learn on somebody's mistakes.


25 Years Of Business Achievements